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Unpaid Fines or Restitution "Most Wanted" 06/28/13


Every Friday, the Columbia County Sheriff's Office will be releasing the names of three people who owe unpaid fines or restitution. This Friday's names are Rickey Alexander, Robert Alexander, and Sean Ashley.

Rickey Alexander is a 20 year-old male from Cleveland, Mississippi. Rickey owes $5,565.00 for a fine from Possession of a Controlled Substance case from 2010.

Robert Alexander is a 35 year-old male from Magnolia, Arkansas. Robert owes $1,393.00 for a fine from a 2009 case for Possession with Intent to Manufacture a Controlled Substance.

Sean Ashley is a 37 year-old male from Little Rock, Arkansas, who owes $914.23 for restitution from a 2005 Violation of the Arkansas Hot Check Law case.

Rickey Alexander

Robert Alexander

Sean Ashley
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