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Texting and Driving:

5 seconds are taken away from the road while texting. At average speed, that could be the length of a football field.

People who text spend 10% of driving time outside their lane.

39 states + DC have laws against texting and driving (including Arkansas)
32 states + DC prohibit novice drivers from cell phone use
10 states + DC prohibit all drivers from using handheld cell phones

If you need help dealing with bullies, please visit
This website may help with any other issues kids may worry about. Bullying is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. 
If you have seen or been involved in cyberbullying (bullying over computer or digital media), visit this website for tips:  or this website:

 FADD (Families Against Distractive Driving):
www.facebook/FADD will tell you more information about driving while distracted and what happens when you do.

Other Tips:

We at the Sheriff's Office want you to be leaders, not followers. Praise someone when they do the right thing, by simply saying "great job" or "thank you." Report wrong-doings to a teacher or other trusted adult. We want you to be happy and grow to be a great citizen.

Visit Safe Kids Worldwide for safety tips from riding a bicycle to preventing poison for kids of all ages, birth to 19 years of age:



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