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The Columbia County Sheriff's Office has one Patrol Captain and eleven Patrol Deputies. All Deputies are graduates of The Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy.

IMG_1508 Michael E. McWilliams.jpg
Mike McWilliams

Patrol Captain 
Mike McWilliams is the Columbia County Sheriff's Office Patrol Captain. He began his law enforcement career in 1997. He joined the Columbia County Sheriff's Office as Patrol Captain when Sheriff Mike Loe took office on 1 January 2011. Captain McWilliams supervises Patrol Deputies and officer training for the Sheriff's Office.

   The Deputies are supervised by one lieutenant, Lt. Donnie Ainsworth and two sergeants, Sgt. Jerry Reich and Sgt. Glenn Proctor.

IMG_1515  Don E. Ainsworth.jpg
Donnie Ainsworth

Deputies answer emergency and non-emergency calls in the county and assist other agencies in our area.

IMG_1530  Kevin P. Glass.jpg
Kevin Glass
IMG_1546 Mallory L. Waller.jpg
Mallory Waller

IMG_1589  Hunter G. Scott.jpg
Hunter Scott

Wyatt Henderson

Brian Williams

James Skinner
Crime Tip Hotline
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