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Scam Reporting


It has come to our attention about more scams coming to surface this week. The first scam stems from Jamaica, where the caller states that you have won the lottery (Jamaica numbers begin with 876). If you have bought a lottery ticket, it is normally the buyer’s responsibility to know they won the lottery, and prove it with a ticket with the matching “winning” numbers. Please be careful about calling the numbers back because you could be charged from your phone company for calls to Jamaica. The second scam is stemming from Mexico, where a caller will state that they are a relative, were with friends in Mexico, got stopped by police, and now need bond money to make bond, so they can catch their flight home. We have also had reports that a person representing a detention officer will call and say that a relative was arrested. The bond amounts reported were at least $1,000.00 with other fines being more than $500.00. Please be sure to check with family members before sending the money to another country. Please be aware that scams can be in any form, such as emails, phone calls, text messages, and/or letters. Please report any scams to your local law enforcement authorities.

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