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The Weather Channel and other weather notification sites are calling for extremely cold temperatures in our area beginning Sunday, January 14. Our recommendation is to check your space heaters around your home; make sure they are not near any cotton, plastic, or other material that can catch fire. Secure your windows and doors the best you can to help keep your warm air in. If you're unable to get weather stripping or caulk, try towels, unused sheets or blankets to cover the windows or go under the doors. Be sure to wrap your water pipes that could be affected by the cold, like your water hydrants outside or even the water pipes under your home. Your pets also need adequate shelter for the cold temperatures! Straw, cedar shavings, or pine shavings work best for warmth in dog houses, barrels or other covers. During inclement weather, limit your travel as necessary. Please do not put yourself or others in danger by driving. Stock up on your favorite items before the weekend!

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