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Topic Tuesday



This week's topic is on concealed carry licenses in Arkansas and Columbia County. In Arkansas, someone who is 21 years old and not a convicted felon can possess a firearm. Concealed carry licenses are not required in Arkansas, but a license is recommended if you travel out of state regularly. In order to obtain a concealed carry license, you must first take the concealed carry class, apply for the license, and then get fingerprinted after you receive your confirmation number. A concealed carry class costs about $100 and lasts 5 hours. There are several instructors in Columbia County who hold classes. The course includes thorough handgun safety and firearm qualification. Here is a document with the instructions for obtaining your license:

After five years of having your license, you must renew it by completing firearm qualifications again and paying $52.

There is also an enhanced concealed carry class that teaches where carrying is allowed. You must have completed the regular concealed carry class in order to take that class.

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