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Topic Tuesday


We are going to start sharing information on different topics every Tuesday. This week's Topic Tuesday is juvenile justice. Juvenile justice is the system that charges and prosecutes juveniles in Columbia County. If a minor is charged with a criminal charge, they will have a juvenile intake appointment with a juvenile officer, then it will be determined if it goes to juvenile court for misdemeanor or felony. Juvenile court occurs two Fridays a month at the courtroom at the Columbia County Detention Facility. If a minor is found guilty of a charge, the judge will determine on the order of sentence, either probation or DYS (Division of Youth Services). DYS has facilities all over the State of Arkansas. If the crime is severe enough, the minor can be charged as an adult. If the minor is found guilty of the charge, they will serve time at DYS until their 18th birthday, then transfer to Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC).

The juvenile probation office is located at the McAlester Building, 124 S. Jackson, Suite 401. Their phone number is (870) 626-5090. The juvenile probation officers are Kathy Mixon, Pat Watson, and Shan Stovall. The juvenile officers work with all the schools in the county.

Another fun fact is that there is a curfew for all juveniles in our county, 11 PM on weekdays and 12 AM (midnight) on the weekends.

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