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There have been several burglaries reported to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office within the last month. Multiple firearms have been taken from various parts of the county, as well as other property. We highly suggest that you take any and all precautions to protect your property. First of all, please have pictures and all information available on your property, such as the make, model, and serial number. We also suggest that you make note of anyone and everyone that has a key or that has been welcomed into your home. We have a “Patrol Request” available if you are going to be out of town for an extended period of time. Please contact Central Dispatch at (870) 234-5655 if you are going to be out of town. None of these things will guarantee that your property will be protected, but they are some tools that are available.

One victim of a burglary where multiple firearms were stolen is issuing a reward for information leading to recovery of property or the arrest of the person responsible. For more information, please contact our Investigations Department, and CID will let the appropriate party know your information. Their phone number is (870) 235-3744. In order to receive the reward, you must be willing to give your name and phone number. We are not asking how you know the information at this time.

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