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New Scam Release


Sheriff Loe wants the citizens of Columbia County to be reminded that scams happen in all forms, in person, over the phone, in the mail, or through e-mail. Since our scam press release on Friday, the Sheriff’s Office has had numerous calls about more scams. If you get any strange phone calls from Jamaica, please be cautious because there are more and more scammers using Jamaican phone numbers. If you do not have international calling, these calls could also cost you on your monthly telephone bill. In many cases, the scammer tries to get your personal information, such as credit or debit card numbers or social security number, but the Sheriff’s Office has also had reports of scammers wanting your cell phone or telephone number. The scammers could also be after your internet connection or the use of your computer. There are many possibilities of what scammers are after and even more possibilities of how they could try to convince you to give them what they want. Again, please be cautious of the information you give to any caller requesting any of the above information. If you feel you’ve been scammed, please call your local law enforcement.

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