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"Most Wanted" for Unpaid Fines/Restitution, September 20th


This week and last week’s “Most Wanted” for unpaid fines or restitution are Enchanttra Lambert, Brian K. Lee, Peggy Lee-Holmes, Lucretia Y. Lewis, Kathy D. Moore, Kenneth W. McNatt Jr., and John C. McAlister.

Enchanttra Lambert is a 25 year-old female from Waldo, Arkansas, who owes $2,103.55 for fines and restitution for a case from 2011 for Knowingly Issuing Worthless Check.
Brian K. Lee is a 49 year-old male from Oil City, Louisiana. He owes $27,327.87 for fines and restitution for a case from 1997.
Peggy Lee-Holmes is a 48 year-old female from Benton, Louisiana, who also owes $27,327.87 from a case in 1997. There is no picture available for Peggy.
Lucretia Y. Lewis is a 37 year-old female from Magnolia, who owes $11,943.48 for a Violation of the Arkansas Hot Check Law from 2004.
Kathy D. Moore is a 36 year-old female from Little Rock, Arkansas, who owes $10,654.26 for a 1994 Knowingly Issuing Worthless Check case.
Kenneth Wayne McNatt, Jr. is a 44 year-old male from Shreveport, Louisiana, who owes $6,634.84 for a 1988 case. His picture is not available.
John C. McAlister is a 34 year-old male from McCaskill, Arkansas, who owes $11,430.12 in fines or restitution for a 1996 case. His picture is not available.

Even though we list these individuals as “Most Wanted,” they do not always have a warrant for their arrest.


Enchanttra Lambert

Brian K. Lee

Lucretia Y. Lewis

Kathy Moore
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