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"Most Wanted" for Unpaid Fines/Restitution, August 30th


This week’s “Most Wanted” for unpaid fines or restitution are Victor Jackson of Magnolia, Ladarrien Johnson of Magnolia, and William E. Johnson from Stamps. For the week of September 6th, the “Most Wanted” are Darrell Keaton from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Harold Kinser, Sr. from Flint, Texas, and Rodney Keener from Magnolia.

Victor Jackson is a 42 year-old male from Magnolia, who owes restitution for two Forgery cases, one from 2008 and one from 2006. His total restitution owed is $13,675.94. His picture is available on the website.
Ladarrien Johnson is a 23 year-old male from Magnolia who owes fines for a 2010 Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to Manufacture case. His total fine is $3,055.00. His picture is available for viewing on the website.
William E. Johnson is a 55 year-old male from Stamps. He owes $1,129.99 for a Theft of Property case from 2006, $386.00 for a speeding citation from 2007, $515.00 for a Possession of Marijuana charge from 2007, and $2505.00 for a 2007 DWI, totaling $4535.99. His picture is available on the website.

Darrell Keaton is a 42 year-old male from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who owes $30,060.87 from a charge in 1989.
Harold Kinser, Sr. is a 63 year-old male from Flint, Texas, who owes $17,217.15 for a Battery, 3rd degree charge from 2000.
Rodney Keener is a 37 year-old male from Magnolia. Mr. Keener owes $5,490.03 for a charge from 1994.

Even though we list these subjects as “Most Wanted,” that does not necessarily mean they have a warrant for their arrest.

Victor Jackson

Ladarrien Johnson

William E. Johnson

Rodney Keener
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