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Bond/Fine Amounts
District Court Bonds
Offense  Amount  Mandatory Court
Allow Unlicensed Driver to Drive  $220.00  
Altered DL  $370.00 YES
Assault, 1st degree  $565.00 YES
Assault, 2nd degree  $345.00 YES
Assault, 3rd degree  $220.00 YES
Assaulting a Police Officers  $565.00 YES
Battery, 3rd degree  $440.00 YES
Buying Alcohol for a Minor  $620.00 YES
Careless & Prohibited Driving  $170.00  
Carnal Abuse  $565.00 YES
Carrying a Prohibited Weapon  $545.00 YES
Child Restraint Law  $170.00  
City Ordinances  $95.00  
Communicating False Alarm  $390.00 YES
Contributing to Delinquency of Minor  $640.00 YES
Criminal Impersonation  $390.00 YES
Criminal Mischief  $565.00 YES
Criminal Trespass  $295.00 YES
Cruelty to Animals  $640.00 YES
Disorderly Conduct  $220.00 YES
Disturbing the Peace  $95.00  
Dog Leash Law  $120.00  
Domestic Battery, 3rd degree  $465.00 YES
Drinking in Public or on Highway  $220.00  
Driving Left of Center  $145.00  
Driving on Revoke or Suspended DL  $245.00 2nd-$345.00 3rd-$595
Driving on Suspended DL for DWI  $95.00 YES
Driving Under Influence  $570.00 YES
Driving While Intoxicated, 1st offense  $1,320.00 YES
Driving While Intoxicated, 2nd offense  $2,320.00 YES
Driving While Intoxicated, 3rd offense  $3,320.00 YES
Driving While Intoxicated, 4th offense  FELONY  YES
Driving Without Adult Supervision  $220.00  
Endangering Welfare of Minor  $340.00 YES
Escape, 3rd degree  $565.00 YES
Failure to Appear  $220.00-$290.00 Plus Original Fine Amount
Failure to Dim Lights  $145.00  
Failure to Give Signal  $145.00  
Failure to Maintain Control  $145.00  
Failure to Pay Vehicle Registration  $245.00  
Failure to Vacate  $170.00 YES
Failure to Yield  $145.00  
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle  $145.00  
False Swearing  $390.00 YES
Ficticious/Expired Vehicle License  $245.00  
Fleeing  $390.00 YES
Following Too Close  $145.00  
Gaming/Gambling  $145.00 YES
Handicapped Ordinance  $145.00  
Harrassing Communications  $240.00  
Harrassment  $370.00 YES
Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution  $590.00 YES
Hunting from Road  $370.00  
Illegal Parking  $145.00  
Illegal Tinted Windows  $145.00  
Illegal Use of Blue Lights  $320.00  
Improper Brakes  $145.00  
Improper Display of Vehicle License  $370.00  
Improper Exiting of Vehicle  $235.00  
Improper Lights  $145.00  
Improper Passing  $145.00  
Improper Turn  $145.00  
Indecent Exposure  $365.00 YES
Insecure Load  $295.00  
Interference with Police Officer  $590.00 YES
Left Scene of Accident with Damage  $565.00 YES
Left Scene of Accident without Damage  $220.00 YES
Littering  $245.00 YES
Loud Music, 1st offense  $95.00  
Loud Music, 2nd offense  $145.00  
Minor in Possession of Alcohol $220.00 YES
No 72 hour Permit  $195.00  
No Commercial DL  $220.00  
No DOT #  $195.00  
No Drivers License  $220.00  
No Flag on Projecting Load  $295.00  
No Medical Card  $195.00  
No Motorcycle Helmet  $145.00  
No Motorcycle Endorsement  $145.00  
No Mud Flaps  $195.00  
No Oversize Load Signs  $295.00  
No Seat Belt  $70.00  
No Tail Lights  $145.00  
No Trailer Tags  $145.00  
No Trash Cover  $145.00  
No Vehicle Insurance, 1st offense  $245.00 2nd-$395    3rd-$595
No Vehicle Insurance, Accident  $595.00 YES
No Vehicle License  $245.00  
Non Current Log Book  $195.00  
Obstruction of Governmental Operations  $365.00  
Off Road Vehicle on Public Street  $120.00  
Off Truck Route  $145.00  
Ordinance #785  $170.00  
Over Possession of Alcohol  $220.00 YES
Passing Stopped School Bus  $370.00 YES
Permitting an Unauthorized Minor to Drive  $220.00  
Possession of Alcohol for Sale  $1,120.00 YES
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia  $765.00 YES
Possession of Marijuana, 1st offense  $1,165.00 YES
Possession of Marijuana, 2nd offense  $1,165.00 YES
Possession of Marijuana, 3rd offense FELONY  
Possession of Untaxed Liquor  $220.00 YES
Public Intoxication  $220.00 YES
Racing  $340.00 YES
Reckless Driving  $195.00 YES
Refusal to Submit to Arrest  $240.00  
Refusal to Take Breath Test                   YES
Resisting Arrest  $390.00 YES
Road Hunting  $370.00  
Running Red Light  $145.00  
Running Stop Sign  $145.00  
Selling Beer or Liquor to Minor  $520.00 YES
Selling Tobacco to Minor  $220.00  
Smoking in Vehicle with Minors Present  $165.00  
Soliciting Without Permit  $245.00  
Speed Too Fast for Conditions  $170.00  
Speeding Call Business Office 870-235-3740 
Speeding 90 MPH or More  $195.00 YES
Spilling Load on Highway  $220.00  
Terroristic Threatening  $390.00 YES
Texting and Driving  $145.00 YES
Theft by Receiving Under $1000  $640.00 YES
Theft Under $1000  $640.00 YES
Too Many Occupants in Vehicle  $145.00  
Unauthorized Use of Vehicle  $265.00 YES
Unlawful Burning  $1,120.00 YES
Unsafe Vehicle  $195.00  
Violation of Curfew  $245.00 YES
Violation of Permit  $195.00  
Violation of Protection Order  $640.00 YES
Wrong Way in One Way  $120.00  

   These amounts can change at any time at the discretion of the District Judge David Graham. Please contact the Business Office at (870) 235-3740 for the exact amount of your citation.

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