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Hunting Seasons

Cooler weather and the beginning of hunting seasons have arrived. Daylight savings time has been apparent, as it is getting dark before 6 o'clock. Please be cautious of deer and other wildlife that could be moving because of the change of the weather and time. 

Please send your child to school with at least a light jacket, because even when it is sunny outside, the wind is cool. If you have jackets that are too small for your children or you, there are multiple places to donate your jackets and other clothing. You may also be able to contact the school and ask if there are any children that may need jackets or anything else. The homeless shelter as well as the women's shelter will take jackets and other clothing just in case someone comes in with nothing. Please just think twice before throwing things away that others could use.

Deer season officially starts tomorrow. While it is very important to know gun safety, please also remember deer stand safety. More and more stories are being spread about people who fall out of their deer stands or fall off the ladder of their deer stands. If you are hunting alone, please be sure someone knows of your whereabouts just in case you fall out of your stand and become unconscious. If you are hunting with someone else, be sure they know how to get out of the woods and/or guide first responders to your location. Please use your gun safety precautions also. 

Please also remember to give your animals outside plenty of food and water and something to stay warm since it is beginning to cool off. If you have any unwanted blankets, or if you would like to donate blankets or other supplies, please contact CCAPS at (870) 234-7297 to see what they need or schedule a drop-off time.

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